Dear Friend,

You deserve to feel safe, to walk with confidence and to know how to defend yourself.

Assault is the #1 most under-reported crime. You need to know that it's OK to fight back!

I offer customized seminars and lectures on Empowerment, self-defense, and setting boundaries, for broad audiences such as Girl Scouts, high schools, universities and corporate organizations.

You can rest 100% assured that I will do everything in my power to show you exactly how to defend yourself in critical situations as well as in everyday life.

During the seminar, I will teach you simple, yet very efficient self-defense techniques that I have mastered during my 10-year journey to earning my Black Belt.

Plus, I will explain very clearly which mental and physical boundaries you need to understand in order to be safe!
For Keynote Presentations and Corporate Events, please feel free to contact me with your specific needs.

- Danielle Martin